Apple has officially lulled the consumer to sleep.

Now, it has nothing to do with Apple not being profitable or still a brand that is about as well known as McDonald’s or Lego’s, but more than a decade after the iPhone change the world, Apple is just running in the middle of the pack rather than exercising its dominance in a marketplace it created in 2007 with the original iPhone arrived in the middle of summer.

Now to be fair you can’t really judge Apple on a phone that was groundbreaking and a first of its kind. Apple reinvented mobile phones and christened the term “smart phone” for the world to soak up, and since the original iPhone everything else has been meant to make the phones, displays, batteries and overall experience simply better.

But most assumed that the “better” part would be Apple leading the charge, and that hasn’t happened. Google, Samsung and others have seemed more progressive in how they’re performing and producing smartphones, while Apple almost plays catch up by saying, sure we want a bigger screen, better battery and more bombastic speakers, but those things already exist before Apple decides to incorporate them into their phone.

The forthcoming iPhone 8 might be a return to form for Apple since the talk is the phone is going to be revolutionary once more. Now, to be honest, how much more can these manufacturers possible do to make the phones any better or with more points of differentiation. You can only do so much with a screen or battery or camera before you run out of that “wow” factor.

The iPhone 8 is going to have a screen ratio that is more in line with the Galaxy S8, again not as if Apple decided to do that unprovoked and as the standard bearer (that belongs to Samsung).

But there is talk of the iPhone 8 to be sleeker, better quality and clarity display but also a unique take on security with a finger print unlock system that is done on the phone screen itself, a new twist on the touch ID aspect of smart phones. This is something that hasn’t been done by any phone thus far, and if Apple can pull off this technology, at the very least it’s something different from a company and brand we’ve come to expect that from, at least in the beginning.

Today’s Apple could use a boost. Again, not that sales are bad, but this is more about perception and Apple projecting its old swagger as being the flagship not the follower.