If you were to ask smartphone users about what they love and hate the most about their devices, you’d more often than not land on one particular feature.

Battery life, or lack thereof.

For those who love their phone, they can’t say enough about battery life and how much their phone allows them to be busy on it and yet not feel as though they need to stop and charge a few times per day for fear of having their smartphone go dead and dumb on them at a moment’s notice.

The opposite end of that technology spectrum are smartphone users who are completely fed up with phones that don’t allow them to be as productive as they want, thus rendering them about as lost as you could imagine. This group are the ones who see traveling with charging cords and plugged into a random wall socket just about anywhere you can think of, huddled into a corner they can find power.

Expensive phones, new to the market, are selling battery life as one of the main features as reason to buy. Think of the Google Pixel phone and how it takes only a few minutes to charge the phone. While that feature is stunning, no mention of battery life is made during those television spots. Is that Google trying to tell you charging is a breeze and that you’ll need it to be because of how frequently you have to do it?

But if you’re truly in the market for a phone that has a battery life and interface that works magically together, your options don’t always have to be on the expensive side, phone wise. The Galaxy “Active” series boasts a reasonable ticket price and a battery that works with your busy schedule (and not always having an outlet or USB nearby).

In addition. the Moto Z Play from Motorola makes the grade from a battery standpoint as well, going as long as 24 consecutive hours based on some reports.

With any phone and if you’re constantly using it with texts, calls or that social media on your mind, you’re going to have to resign yourself to the fact that battery life is going to be a challenge.

But if that is how you use your phone and with that kind of frequency, so be it. You’ll just have to find and buy one of the aforementioned phones mentioned in order to truly have it all from a smartphone perspective and turn that love hate relationship with your battery into nothing less than adoring that feature.