best cell phones

When smartphones first hit the market, they were revolutionary, albeit simple when you think about the functionality and how they were designed with apps that allowed you to do anything imaginable.

But like any great invention over time, you flood that same marketplace with one smartphone after another, most of which become reaches or cheap carbon copies of better ones. Furthermore, you get smartphones that leave you shaking your head then and even now when you think about just how lackluster they were and not surprised as to why no one even thought about buying one years earlier.

You really have to feel for the Blackberry brand, a phone that once dominated in the pre smart phone era but failed miserably to catch on after the iPhone and subsequently smartphones hit the shelves a decade ago.

The Blackberry Storm surely caught eyes but for all the wrong reasons. The phone was clunky at best, slow and lacked any sort of convenience or creativity. This wolf in sheep’s clothing of a phone promised the world and delivered next to nothing to the consumer.

The same could be said for the Amazon Fire phone, which is an ironic name for a smartphone that flamed out quickly. The phone was a huge gimmick and never really connected whatsoever with the consumer. Amazon, the brand, is trusted, lauded and renowned for its innovation but the smartphone business just wasn’t kind to this well know name.

When you think about smartphones, specifically the ones that aren’t so remarkable, you immediately think of gimmicks and features that are flat out awful. The problem with those smartphones is they come across as a sole idea that someone liked and then a smartphone was built around it, rather than a phone that is all encompassing.

Think of it almost like a bad movie, when someone has a great ending and never bothers to write an equally engaging beginning and middle.

Another lot of phones that forgettable are certain ones that were made to showcase on particular app or social media site. Facebook “phones” come to mind, namely the HTC Salsa and ChaCha. The names alone are cringe worthy but the phones also did little to stir up anything that would remotely represent fanfare. The phones were busy as far as the screen goes, and the Facebook twist never really landed with customers.

The muddied waters of the smartphone community is natural for a product that virtually everyone uses. With the good ultimately always will come the bad, and when it comes to smartphones, the “bad” is really easy to spot thankfully so it is easily avoided for its lack of connection with the consumer.