Think back to more than a decade ago when you considered a flip phone as the wave of the future. You couldn’t help but marvel at the compact size of this cellular device and figured nothing could ever be better than what you were holding in your hand at that very minute.

And then, the smart phone was born when Apple unleashed the iPhone.

The rest, as they say, was history. From the inception of the iPhone to present day, smart phone creators have tried to take what Apple did so well 10 years ago and continually improve upon it with one version and release after another.
Suddenly, Apple, Samsung and a host of others are vying for smart phone supremacy as, in the case of Apple and Samsung, are now on their 7th (or so) incarnation of their famed phones, the iPhone of course and the Galaxy Note.

But a funny thing happened on the way from flip phones to smart phones: they are starting to feel rushed and suddenly (gasp) unreliable.

So granted, the iPhone 7 has some sort of hissing or buzzing noise that is associated with it, as reported by consumers who have bought the recently released phone. Even worse, the Galaxy Note is off the market entirely because of battery issues that have caused the phone to catch fire without warning.

Although Apple and its buzzing noise pale in comparison to the trials and tribulations of the Galaxy Note 7, you can’t help but feel like these latest phones from their respective brands are, at best, rush jobs. You can easily make the case that as these manufacturers of smart phones engage in a battle of “can you top this” when it comes to these gadgets, the consumer is starting to become the biggest loser of this cat fight.

The premise for the argument is simple: new updates of phones come out way too quickly, even though the supposed add ons or upgrades are hardly worth noting. These new versions of the iPhone and the Note, once monumental when they occurred, are now written about and subsequently relegated to most tech experts as “well, you should buy one if you’re due an upgrade.”

Seriously? That’s the best sales pitch you can do.

Maybe the real issue is that is the best sales pitch you came come up with at the moment, or ever.

In order to stay relevant and make their first, second, third or fourth quarter sales spike with the inclusion of a new phone being shipped, the likes of Apple and Samsung are sacrificing quality, along with attention to detail.

The latest proof is in the malaise and laziness that are the defects in the iPhone and Note.