Game Changer: Verizon ups ante and everyone is should be concerned

When you’re the premiere cell phone carrier, you can take your good, old time as far as trends and decision-making goes.

Verizon did just that as it is on the cusp of announcing that it will offer customers roll over minutes and a safety type mode it will introduce, which means customers can avoid overage charges on their data.

This type of service hardly is new. In fact, rivals AT&T and T Mobile already have plans and features that include those same perks, and Verizon simply sat back and watched those two roll out these consumer friendly choices.

Some argue that Verizon doesn’t need to do these types of changes to plans, simply because of the brand and that Verizon is the number one cell phone provider when matched against AT&T, T Mobile and Sprint.

The fact that Verizon has opted to make these changes can be perceive two ways: they’re finally get on board with what already is enticing to customers and potential ones, or they have the luxury of seeing what works, with no real fear of being usurped as the number one cell phone provider in the world.

The latter comment probably is right on the money since Verizon has never really felt the wrath of AT&T or the lesser carriers to knock it out of that number one spot. You’d have to assume that Verizon saw that AT&T and T Mobile marketed and pushed roll over minutes to be carried from one billing cycle to the next, and opted to toss their hats in the proverbial ring, even if the grudge match was over and done with years ago with Verizon dominating.

The truth is Verizon starting to up the ante is just smart business and a way to stay on point with what the rest of the cell phone world is doing. The likes of AT&T and T Mobile probably should be concerned when the already number one carrier is starting to sway in the direction of being superbly customer oriented and overtly friendly.

That isn’t to say that T Mobile or AT&T can’t come up with something else, something new or progressive enough to capture an audience and customer base hungry for anything that saves them money or makes life convenient.

But even they have another brain child of sorts, Verizon can be right there to piggy back and put in in their hat to have yet another advantage in their favor.

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