Crunch time is now as consumers are trying to save money on everything they own. Cell phone service is one area that leaves some wiggle room for the consumer. Almost every person who has cellular service can stand to shed at least $5-$20 a month on various aspects of the service. The following are some tips for shaving the cell phone bill significantly:

Drop Extra Features

One way a person can drop the price of a cell phone bill is by dropping features that he or she does not need. Examples of extra features that one may have on a cell phone bill are insurance, high-speed Internet or a music service of some kind. Dropping unnecessary features can sometimes save a person as much as $20 per month.

Switch Providers

Switching cell phone providers just to get a discount may sound cheesy, but it works. Some cell phone companies offer credits of up to $100 on a first bill just because a person switches. Some providers give their new customers with a gift card that they can use like a regular Visa card. Additionally, the person can bring the same number over to the new provider. Switching providers is a win-win situation for the consumer.

Move From Post-Paid to Prepaid

Switching from post-paid to prepaid service can provide a consumer with unbelievable savings. The taxes that accumulate on some post-paid customers can be as much as $50 per month. Many prepaid providers offer monthly services that are just as competent as many of the modern day post-paid services are. Prepaid monthly services are approximately $50 or less.

Purchase a Wi-Fi Plan

Several of the prepaid providers have plans that work with Wi-Fi to cut down the costs for consumers. For example, Virgin Mobile has a $20 per month plan that allows the phone to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot in the area. Republic Wireless has several plans that utilize Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G service. The least expensive plan that the company offers is a $5 plan, which is virtually unbeatable.

A consumer can use any of the previously mentioned tips to cut down the cell phone bill and save money for other expenses. A wide variety of prepaid and post-paid providers are available from which the person can choose. The consumer can find a plan that provides him or her with excellent reception at a low and affordable cost.