Lens Crafty: Why camera quality ranks as most important feature

Thanks to the inception of smartphones, the glory days of the camera are hanging by the proverbial thread.

For those still spending hundreds of dollars on a camera separate from their phones, they’re most likely doing so due to a need to have a camera that is tailored toward taking photos for a living. If you’re a photographer, chances are you’re still in the business of buying a camera that is expensive and subsequently first rate.

Everyone else, they’ll stick with their camera phone and with good reason.

Today’s smartphone marketplace is overflowing with options as it relates to the camera, once thought to be a nice add on that has transformed into manufacturers playing a game of “can you top this” with every release, trying to make the camera on the phone even more desirable.

The camera is by far the most important feature being offered on the smartphone at this moment. Some would argue that battery life supersedes the camera on the phone, but to that you have to consider the value in the camera and having one on a device that essentially eliminates an extra expense.

Having a camera that allows you to take photos on vacation, shoot a professional quality video at an event and give you exquisite quality and granularity in the process is a huge win for individuals that love being able to do all those things without having to buy (and lug around) a separate camera or video recorder. The phone is so multi faceted that you’ve not only lightened your beach bag load, for example, but gone are the added expenses as well.

The smartphone user is fine toting around a charging cable or wall mount in exchange for having the functionality and flare that are today’s modern day cameras included on your phone. That’s not to suggest battery life doesn’t come into play as far as the decision to buy but you have to think the most uttered question first by a consumer considering a smartphone is “how good is the camera?”

If you don’t believe that, think about the marketing and sales pitch from the likes of Apple and Samsung, the two leaders in the cell phone business, in terms of how they position camera and video quality to get your business.

They’re all over it so that the consumer knows just how finite and flawless they’ve made the camera on the phones.

And now, some 10 years plus after the first smartphone hit the retail shelves, the camera is a must have when considering exactly which model you want to buy.

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