So many cell phone plans, so little room for error. So what exactly are you, the consumer supposed to do, supposed to believe when it comes to buying and opting into the right plan from the right carrier?

What carrier will give you the most bang for your buck? 

The best option from Sprint is their Unlimited Freedom plan.  Under this plan, users get unlimited text, talk, and streaming video start at $60 for the first line.  Under this deal there are no access fees either.  The downside to this plan though is Sprint has trimmed their download speeds, so if you’re into gaming or streaming videos in high quality, you may be disappointed with what you’re getting.

Sprint has been big on advertising lately with not only the past Verizon spokesperson (Can you hear me now?) but also Jamie Foxx as a celebrity endorser. They’ll tell you that coverage is about the same, but you’ll have to be the judge on that one.

If streaming is your thing, T Mobile may be the provider you want.  Content from Spotify, Netflix, and other popular music and video providers won’t count against your data allowance.  The downside though is that T Mobile doesn’t offer data sharing cell phone plans, so you have to purchase data for each phone on your plan.

As for the big two, which would be AT&T and Verizon, the strong points are both ranked high in a recent Consumer Reports survey for their voice, text, and web services.  Another plus for Verizon is they allow users to roll over data.  But there is a catch to that.  Unused data has to be used by the end of the following month, so users can’t keep carrying it over and over.  AT&T’s downfall is they still hold customers to variable rate access fees.

So with each of the major carriers having plusses and minuses to their services and plans, the best thing users can do to get the most for their money is to figure out how much data you’ll need and choose the plan that best fits your needs.  And remember that all four carriers offer no contract plans, which separate your phone purchase from the charges for service.

So with a little bit of research and determining what you really need as part of your plan, you can eliminate some of the confusion involved in selecting a provider and plan and save yourself some money as well.