Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 hits the ground runnin’

I happened to read a statistic last week about the popularity of Tablet devices that blew my mind. Apparently, 1 in 3 US adults owns a tablet which is 100% increase over 2012. A phenomenal piece of information, especially to someone who doesn’t own one, and frankly probably never will, but it certainly explains the reason why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 devices hit the stores with such an impressive effect.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 family of new devices consists of the 3.7.0 which has a 7″ touchscreen ($199), the 3.8.0 with an 8″ screen ($299) and the 3.10.1 with the huge 10.1″ screen ($399). All have remote TV capability and come in two colors – white and a “gold brown” shade. The market for these devices has literally exploded off the scale over the past couple of years and the rush to manufacturing that many companies have shown reflect that clearly. One of the reasons for the 3 types of units is because of the range of demographics that represents the Tablet target market. Tablet customers come in all shapes, sizes and flavors and so to cover the whole spectrum of demand, Samsung decided to offer the three versions.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Series run on dual-core 1.2GHz processors, 1GB RAM, and have two cameras – a 3MP and 1.3MP unit. All of them have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, full HD video playback, GPS support, 8GB of internal memory, a microSD memory card slot and a 4,000mAh battery. They are at the top of their class and have proven massively popular even having only been store available for a couple of days.

The Tablet market has revolutionised the way media streams are viewed, especially in the US. They have changed attitudes from company advertising executives to drive popularities and “reach” to ever increasing levels through combining the popularity of TV shows and special events with the public’s propensity to dive into Twitter and Facebook while watching a show. Market research showed that 85% of Tablet users do so while watching TV. This explains the wild change in advertising philosophy from network chiefs which drives popularity through Social Media outlets while the show is in progress. For that 85%, the Tablet has now become their media device of choice and TV has taken a very immediate back seat as their main focus.

Despite the drive towards media use, gaming is still the main focus for Tablet users, hence the offering of three different sized touch screens. The richness of the images and the speed of the playback determines which device is suitable for which user but Samsung have nailed their targets to the wall with the Tab 3 units and we’ll see a real growth in use over the next 12 to 18 months.

Tablets are definitley here to stay and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is at the head of an ever increasing demand for rich media viewing, fast and efficient Social Networking and rapid game play.

Still don’t think I’ll buy one though. I’m having trouble getting past my pay-as-you-go cell phone device!

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