For years, cell phones were all about being compact. Now, they’re anything but.

That old flip phone seemed as though it was the answer to the prayers of those languishing in cell phone purgatory, forced to carry around a phone that looked more like one that should be hanging on a kitchen wall.

You remember those guys, right? The one you would flip open and it made that cute singing doorbell sound. Even some flip phones were stylish and compact, such as the Motorola Razr line of phones.

But then the iPhone happened, and we were introduced to touch screens and no more flipping, instead replaced by apps that allowed us to do everything from check sports scores to weather and a more dynamic screen that, unlike flip phones, was always there.

The original iPhone wasn’t huge by any means, but that changed quickly in the last decade as the cell phone community is being overrun by giant phones that look more like portable laptops held up to your ears versus something you’d ever think about carrying in your purse or toting around in a pocket on your pants.

We’ve seemingly come full circle with the cell phone, now not quite as large as their 1980s and 1990s predecessors but not exactly compact anymore, either.

Case in point, take a look at the new iPhone 6 or soon to be released 7 or the series of phones from Samsung, specifically the Galaxy Note 7, with a huge screen and a price tag to match.

But with those large screens and eye popping retail figures come sort of a comeback for the larger phones, such as the Galaxy Note 7.

These phones, shunned for a few releases due to the consumer gravitating away from the size and price factor, have started to win back the customer with the way too many positives to ignore. Take the Galaxy Note 7: this phone has a $800 price tag but it could easily replace your tablet or laptop with the ability to take notes and storage capacity that is remarkable for a phone. The camera is solid, and the speed is incredibly fast and reliable, with very little about the phone not to like. Anyone who spends a remote amount of time doing work or anything recreational on their phone and needs that organizational hub right beside them at all times, the Note (size included) seems more like a bargain.

Phones of this ilk make it hard to resist buying, even if you can’t get past the idea of a phone nearly blocking your entire head while you use it.