Simple Plan: Why smart phones take road back to simple and cheap

Remember about a decade ago when the world first feasted its eyes on the iPhone, and just how remarkable and magical that moment was.

For starters, this phone didn’t flip, and had the capability to make life easier for everyone who purchased one, from emails on the go to applications that enabled the world to sit literally in the palm of your hands.

The iPhone had one drawback of sorts, and that was the price tag, although you’d be hard pressed not to justify spending $600 on a phone that did, well, everything.

But as the last 10 years have come and gone, phones have seen a bit of a downturn on two fronts: price and a muddled marketplace. The iPhone (Apple) and the Galaxy (Samsung, Droid) still rule the world when it comes to how well they sell, but an influx of smart phones seem to be poised to be the second tier below those aforementioned ones and with good reason.

Not everyone can afford cell phones of that Apple and Samsung ilk.

But do discounted prices and smart phones really mix or is this a case of a huge oxymoronic thinking being brought to a cell retailer near you? Furthermore, can a cell phone priced at or around $100 really give you that “smart” feel you need or is it going to be a semi intelligent phone and subsequent purchase?

The truth is the cell phone marketplace has gotten cheaper but not worse. The phones that are being put in front of consumers are at that price point, but you don’t lose a whole lot as far as convenience and how easily the phones are to use.

Think of it as a “smart” phone and an even smarter purchase.

Look no further than AT&T’s ZTE ZMax 2, a phone priced at just a tick over $100 ($130 to be exact), and just how it stands up to phones three or four times as much as it. The screen is large, the resolution gives you ample quality for photos, and although the phone is a bit on the heavy side, it closely resembles other phones that are comparable. The speed of the ZTE is a bit slower, but much the same way an efficient laptop can surf the web just like one that is three times as expensive, the ZTE zips around fast enough that you’d hardly recognize a difference if you weren’t looking or paying that close attention to it.

Simple and cheap tend to give you the negative connotation that you’re buying something that is going to fall apart or not perform up to your standards. When it comes to cell phones, those words are buzz worthy for all the right reasons, as these smart phones are being purchased by equally intelligent customers who know how to spot a deal that isn’t decidedly a bad one.

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