The LG Optimus G Pro: Yet another $100 phone

Since I started to write simple reviews of the lower end of the Smartphone market, it seems that $100 mobile phone devices have been crawling out of the woodwork. Last week, I wrote about the Nokia Lumia 520 which was a Windows 8 Phone that had been picked up by AT&T. Now, we have the LG Optimus G Pro which is retailing for $99.99 by – you guessed it – AT&T.

As you’ve probably guessed, one of the reasons I take so much interest in phones at the bottom end of the market is that pretty much, that’s where I shop. I’m not a huge fan of the $399-$499 mobile device with the $125 per month 3-year plan that does everything bar washing the dishes for you. To me, that’s overkill, but of course, there is a market for a device like that and frankly, good luck to you all, I’d rather look into the bottom feeder level of the market to see what actually goes on with cell phone plans and devices. Much more revealing!

You see, at the lower end of any market, manufacturers have to be very discerning about what they offer. They have to be careful not to make the offer too cheap where they start to lose their shorts at the checkout counter, whilst at the same time making the product attractive enough to encourage those of us who don’t see a cellular phone as a life-support system but as an important, optional accessory.

The LG Optimus G Pro is one of those phones that sits at the lower end of our spectrum. It is one of the larger phones on the market with a 5.5inch touchscreen and a gorgeous high-resolution 1080p display that does a nice job with video and images. It’s an Android phone so it has the necessary bells and whistles to provide excellent service. If you have sausage fingers like myself, a device of this type is perfect to ensure that my texts and messages don’t read like Egyptian hieroglyphics. What I think is nice about the LG Optimus G Pro is that it is immensely practical. Battery life will get you through any busy day and it’s able to handle a bunch of Android applications. I sometimes think that phones like this are made for people like me as one of the drawbacks (supposedly, depending on your point of view) is that the unit is so big that it almost can’t be used with just one hand. Who cares! You should be using two hands anyway!

There are times when LG’s Android applications clutter up the main screen but that drawback is more than compensated for by the 13 mega-pixel camera that takes excellent photos. Suffice it to say that it does not compare with the Lumia 520 which is a photography studio sitting in a cell phone device, but certainly good enough. However, at the end of the day, the $99.99 T&T purchase price coupled with a 2-year, $75 per month contract for 600 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends, makes for me anyway, a simply awesome purchase. I guess my only beef is that AT&T advertise the phone on their site at $39.99 per month, but charge you extra for data and messaging. C’mon on! However, barring complaints, I’d give this phone a shot and frankly, I’d probably end up keeping it.

OK. Who’s up next?

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